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Sky and Satellite TV Services throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire.

We offer a full satellite television service. We can supply and install or repair any satellite system. With technology advancing at an extremely fast pace nowadays, we are at the forefront in the methods used to provide an installation that will keep you a happy customer for many years to come. We only use the best materials on the market to maximise the quality of the installation. There is no point in purchasing the best television and the best satellite system then connecting the two together in a shoddy manner, or with materials that don't do the quality of your new television justice.

That is why we treat every installation like we would our own home, i.e. where we would discretely install the satellite dish and how we would run a cable from the dish to your television etc. We will survey your system and discuss everything with you before we commence the installation and if it makes a neater job then we go into lofts or under floors to install cables. Not every installation company does this.

Sky and Freesat Supplied and Installed

We can supply Sky television or the new recently launched service Freesat. Sky television is a subscription based television reception format where you would have a small satellite dish, or more commonly known as a mini dish, installed to your property. The dish requires a line of sight pointing roughly south east, and cannot be pointing directly into trees or other solid obstacles. This is then in turn cabled to a satellite receiver box located in your lounge. The satellite receiver box is connected and tuned to your existing television set allowing you to view hundreds of digital quality channels. There is a small smart card (credit card size) that is inserted into the receiver that has a unique serial number to you and depending on your subscription package allows the viewing of encrypted channels.


Freesat is very similar to sky. The only difference is the receiver in your lounge and the number of channels available. It still provides digital quality channels via a mini dish, although this service is for free to air channels only (no subscription required). This service is similar to terrestrial Freeview, except Freesat has more Free to air channels.


Free Sky equipment Offer. Have Sky television installed to your home. (*conditions apply ~ call us for more details).

Sky, Sky+ and Sky HD Installations

We can supply all types of Sky boxes, from the standard Sky box to the very popular Sky plus box to the top of the range Sky High Definition box.


There are many reasons to buy a new or upgrade your existing system with us. None more so important than; we appreciate that when you call us you want to have a person on the other end of the telephone line that can talk to you and remember your name and that if you wish to call more than once you can speak to the same person twice, rather than being held in a queue at a call centre somewhere, where you are only another number. We believe in the personal touch and give our customers the type of service that we would want when calling a company.

Specialists in Sky Extensions

We can install a Sky Extension to another room. Rather than have Sky mult-iroom where you would have two sky satellite receivers with two subscriptions, we can take a feed from your existing Sky box to your bedroom or kitchen or both, in fact your whole house could be connected to your existing Sky box. This means you no longer need to stay up watching your favorite Sky TV show, you could watch it in your bed. This type of system is very good because there are no extra subscription costs. You don't pay any extra monthly costs just because your whole house is connected to the one satellite receiver.


A typical set up of this type would be; the house has both a terrestrial aerial and a Sky satellite system installed. Regardless of the number of televisions in the house, this type of system allows complete versatility. Someone could be in the lounge watching terrestrial channels, someone else could be in another room watching Sky, and someone could be elsewhere watching a DVD etc. Or vice versa from any location.


We can even install a magic eye to allow you to control the Sky system from any room. A magic eye is a tiny infrared sensor that we can connect to your system to allow control of your sky box from the bedroom or sitting room etc. The possibilities are endless…

Foreign Satellite Installation Service

We can supply and install satellite systems to receive foreign free to air channels such as; Italian, German, French, Polish and Russian. This type of system is similar to the British Freesat system, where there are no subscription costs. All you pay for is the equipment and the installation, after your initial outlay the channels are free to view. This type of system is compatible with your existing television, DVD, VCR etc. If you have recently moved to this country and want to watch the TV shows from "back home" then this ideal for you, or if you are learning another language then actually watching and listening to your channel of choice can help aid you with the correct dialogue and pronunciation.


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