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Digital Television and DAB Radio Aerials in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire

We can supply and install new Digital Aerials to suit both television and radio. An old or damaged aerial can cause signal deterioration and can significantly affect the performance of your equipment. Installing a new DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) Aerial or DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio Aerial will compliment your equipment allowing for maximum performance. Whether experiencing television or radio reception concerns, we can help. With the digital age already here and the multitude of free to air channels being broadcast, why suffer with poor reception issues and miss out on all the channels available!! We can also implement the installation of the system at the building stage, no need to wait until the property is finished. With our specialist signal equipment we can check and log all the signal information, we don't even require a television in your property at the time of installation.

TV Aerial Extensions

Rather than have an aerial installed in your property for each television that you have, we can install an Aerial Extension. This would entail a discrete cable being connected to your bedroom or kitchen television from the existing aerial system (sometimes via a distribution amplifier). A good example of this would be; a hotel has only one aerial on the roof, this aerial can service two televisions or twenty televisions.

Aerial Repair Services

We can repair any aerial or satellite system, no matter how big or small you feel your query may be. After all there is no point having expensive reception equipment and not obtaining the best performance from it.

Specialists in Poor Reception Areas

Unfortunately not every property can be in a good reception area. That is why we have invested heavily in making sure we have the right equipment for the job. We have the means and the latest signal measuring equipment to ensure we will not be beaten in obtaining perfect signal quality.


Before any installation has taken place, with our signal measuring equipment we can check.


A) What the signal levels are before drilling a hole or turning a screw.


B) The appropriate type of aerial for your reception needs.


C) The best location on your property for the aerial to be mounted, and of course we always take great care and pride in how the installation is carried out.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we like to run hidden cabling where possible. It may take our engineers longer to complete the installation, but if it leaves a better job for the customer and the property, then so be it.

Freeview TV Supplied and Installed

Rather than the experience the stress of going to a department store where the salesmen are not television specialists, then having to try to connect up your new Freeview box to your television and tune it all in yourself, only to find you have lost your DVD picture or worse, having to return to the department store because the salesman sold you the wrong cable.


We can remove all the hassle and stress of this by providing a service where we come to your property and can supply and install a Freeview Box ensuring compatibility with all your existing equipment. We will also give you a demonstration on the product and allow you to interact with the engineer and ask questions.


We also provide an after sales service, if you are ever experiencing trouble or have a question we are only a phone call away.

Internet Television Set up and Connections

We experience situations all too often where customers purchase new equipment and never utilise all the features that come built in as standard. The most common reason is that it has never been set up properly from the very beginning.


With the latest generation televisions being able to connect to the internet, we can supply a service where we will professionally install/set up your new television including hiding all the cables and connecting it to your ancillary devices, such as SKY box, DVD players, Games Consoles (see Game Console Set Up Services), and install the proper cabling "hidden of course" to connect your new internet television to your router. If you don't have a router this can also be supplied. Before you know it, you'll be able to utilise all the internet features of your new television.



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