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LCD and Plasma Installation in Glasgow and West of Scotland

Why not maximise the viewing potential and aesthetics of your new flat panel television and have it professionally installed or wall mounted. With our expert installation engineers we can provide a complete service and remove your stress and worries. We will install your television to the highest standards using the best quality materials including supplying the wall mounting brackets, cabling etc. Our expert engineers will fully discuss the installation with you before commencing with any work, and will of course give you the opportunity to ask our advice on any installation queries you might have.

Television Tune In Service

We can come out to your property to install and tune your new television or DVD player. Whatever new gadget you have purchased we can come out and set it up / tune it in, to ensure maximum performance and compatibility with your other equipment. Whether you have LCD or Plasma, Sky television, Freesat or Freeview, we can provide a full installation set up service.

Televisions Supplied and Installed

We can also supply any type or model of television. If you have a particular television in mind why not give us a call. We will be able to give you the benefit of our years of experience.

With the market as it is today and technology advancing all the time, to ensure years of pleasure from your new television, why not call us today to ensure that you make the right purchase that best suits your needs. We can also upgrade your existing equipment to the latest technology including high definition systems. We can remove the stress of going around stores looking at televisions, transporting the television home, figuring out the best way of wiring / connecting and tuning it to your existing equipment. We can provide the complete service, removing all these concerns, and if you ever have any questions we are only a phone call away.

Hidden Cabling Television Installations

We take great care and pride in how the installation is carried out, we undertake every job like it's our own property, we pride ourselves on the fact that we like to run hidden cabling where possible. It may take our engineers longer to complete the installation, but if it leaves a better job for the customer and the property then so be it. We will spend time doing things properly where other companies choose the easiest and quickest option and what suits them rather than the customer. We are a fully insured company and will run cabling through loft spaces and under floors etc. What ever it takes to do the job the way we would expect it to be done in our own home.

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